The Future of Solid Surfaces
GeoMatrix Fly Ash Products


GeoMATRIX Inc. provides sustainable concrete-based building materials that nearly eliminate the industrial carbon dioxide footprint associated with standard cement products. Our formulations utilize fly ash, natural volcanic ash, recycled crushed glass, and other mineral ingredients that have a combined net lower carbon footprint than that of Portland cement. We have created and will provide the building industry with a truly green alternative to traditional concrete.

The GeoMATRIXTM product line is named in honor of Yellowstone National Park. The recycled glass used as aggregate in the matrix comes primarily from Yellowstone, and the city of Livingston, Montana, the gateway to Yellowstone. The park's fantastic geologic features were primarily named by early fur-traders, explorers and government surveyors. The first American national park and an icon of the entire National Park System, Yellowstone National Park is an American gem and GeoMATRIX Inc. is committed to protecting this national treasure.

Our MinervaTM product line is the first of the GeoMATRIXTM innovative concrete solutions utilizing 100% fly ash as the binder and recycled glass as the aggregate. Several different finishes can be achieved.

GeoMatrix Finishes

Crystal: The surface is highly polished, fully exposing the glass aggregate.

Geode: The surface is slightly polished, creating a mottled and burnished finish with pockets of exposed glass.

Chalcedony: The surface is not polished, creating a true "concrete" look