The Future of Solid Surfaces


A variety of tile and accent tile sizes, colors, and types are available in small or large quantities. The versatility of this material enables us to produce almost any size and thickness of tile or accent piece. Some of the more standard sizes are 12'x12', 18'x18' for floor tiles and 4"x4", 6'x6" for wall tiles however these are not the only sizes available. Large wall units can be produced for shower surrounds as well, eliminating grout lines and reducing install costs. Please contact us to assist you in finding a solution for your tiling needs.

GeoMATRIX Inc. has a line of products called accent tiles, or dry stack tiles that are used for ornamental wainscoting wall cladding. Tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors. The split stone look provides an attractive, rough surface, and the multicolored glass particles embedded in our special fly ash concrete shimmers in the sunlight.

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