The Future of Solid Surfaces


GeoMATRIX Inc. specializes in producing decorative and structural concrete products without using Portland cement creating a true GeoMATRIXTM. We are leaders in research, development, production, and implementation of alternative concretes produced from natural and post-industrial mineral binders. Our concrete formulations use fly ash, natural volcanic ash, and other micronized minerals as the "matrix" that glues the aggregate portion of the mixture into functional and durable products. One of the aggregate sources for the GeoMATRIX formulations is pulverized recycled glass which results in unique surface appearances and provides an outlet for local communities to recycle and reuse collected container glass.

The GeoMATRIXInc. founding team is comprised of two individuals who have diverse backgrounds and work experiences all culminating in a common shared goal: a strong desire to improve how natural and industrial resources are managed and utilized with respect to lowering our overall carbon footprint. The diversity in backgrounds creates the synergy necessary to drive innovation and implement a new and extremely co-friendly material of great value to the building industry.

GeoMATRIXInc. is an S-Corp. company, headquartered in Bozeman, Montana.