The Future of Solid Surfaces

GeoMATRIX Inc's Mission to promote a healthy environment through the research, development, and creation of innovative concrete products or GeoMATRIXTM that have a low CO2 and environmental footprint. We will strive to balance social, environmental, and economic factors in all our decision-making, and will treat our employees, suppliers, customers, community, and environment with fairness and respect.

We plan to succeed in our mission by following these principals and actions:

Key to our mission is that we will not utilize traditional Portland cement, whose production is known to generate significant worldwide greenhouse gases. We will also lower our environmental footprint by utilizing 98% recycled materials in our products. We will provide good jobs in all our locations with living wages and strong benefits. We will work to provide sustainable and healthy concrete-based products for families, businesses, and governments throughout the world. Our management team members are all personally committed to making sustainable lifestyle choices. GeoMATRIXTM plans to utilize wind, solar and geothermal electricity in our manufacturing facilities, and to conserve water and resources by using composting toilets, recycled packaging, and any other sustainable business practice modeled after the Cradle to Cradle concept.